What comes with a session?

Sessions are tailored to be unique to you.  You may want to focus on one specialty, such as Pilates.  During other sessions, you may find that you are inclined to mix Aerial Yoga with a sound bath.  The time you have invested in is YOURS to design and for me to facilitate.  Your type of session is also determined by whether you are meeting me in person or virtually, what type of equipment you have available if our time is virtual, etc.

How do you know which discipline I need?

Your body is so wise.  Together, we will pay attention to your energy levels, how you are feeling, and what you want to explore.  For some sessions, you may want to be adventurous and try aerial yoga if it is new to you.  Other sessions may find you craving the balanced muscular work of a Reformer.  I have blended sessions for clients where they start on the Reformer and end in a suspended savasana, lying down in the silk, while I play a sound bath around them with my complete set of crystal singing bowls. The options abound!Some clients come for the same mode each and every session (ie. always the reformer).  No matter what type of session we find ourselves in, I ALWAYS have attention on your core and pelvic floor to make sure you are moving optimally!

I am new here? How do I book a session?

We can start with a Consultation! In this consultation, we chat for 30 minutes via phone or Zoom.  We will discuss your wellness goals, concerns, or issues you may have, and determine if we are a good fit for one another.

What do you mean “if we are a good fit for one another”?

A good fit is one where our schedules mesh and my skill set would best serve you.  If I feel that you would benefit from another type of specialist, teacher, or coach, I am happy to refer you.  Your wellness journey is truly yours and you deserve to work with someone who is truly your best fit.

I had my consultation and am ready to start.  How do I book sessions with you?

I encourage potential clients to book an Introductory Session after a Consultation.  Aren’t they the same thing, you ask?  No.  I like to go the second mile when developing a relationship with a new client by offering an Introductory Session in addition to the Consultation.  In the first appointment, we just chat.  In the second appointment, I offer a deeply discounted one-time rate so that we can work any kinks out with technology (if you are a virtual client) or allow you a “trial” in-person session with the Pilates reformer or Aerial Yoga rig (if you choose those).  This allows us to kick it into second gear when we begin your session packages. 

Ok, I love the session and am excited to get started. How do I book my sessions?

Visit https://www.jaimehaines.com/1-1-mindset-movement-mojo-coaching to choose your package.  You will be prompted to choose a package, pay, and schedule your sessions. I offer single sessions but have packages of 4, 8, and 12.  When scheduling, you will be shown my live calendar. If a day/time does not appear, it is most likely not available.

What does your onboarding look like?

After your Consultation, I will send you an email that contains forms which will best help me serve you.  Clients are responsible for completing any and all questionnaires/surveys/forms provided as part of their package. These forms must be completed before the Introductory Session and include a brief health history, pelvic health screening, and Liability Waiver. I also offer Postural Assessments and Diastasis Recti Assessments if you choose.

What style of yoga do you teach?

I teach Vinyasa and Hatha most.  I am not officially certified in Iyengar, but my kinesiology background presents itself in my teaching much like Iyengar (anatomy and alignment focused). I am in the process of Kundalini training and my 500 RYT with focus on Ayurvedic Nutrition.

What does your aerial rig look like?

The aerial rig is from Uplift Active.  This rig is an A-Frame style, made of stainless stell and magnesium alloy; it’s strong, sturdy, yet light enough to travel. I feature a yoga hammock in my rig.  It can be raised or lowered depending on the type of practice you desire.

I am afraid of heights.  Should I avoid aerial yoga?

Even when the silk is “high”, your head will only be inches from the ground during inversions.  A padded “drop” mat is available for extra safety.

How do existing clients book sessions?

The easiest way to book more sessions is to use the links provided in your emails. You will even get a reminder email when your package is running low and you need more sessions.

If I choose aerial yoga, do I have to go upside down?

No, you do not have to go upside down.  Ever.  You may find over time that you want to go upside down once you are more comfortable with the hammock and your practice.  I will guide you every step of the way.  If you choose to invert, we will integrate them slowly into your sessions so you build up tolerance and comfort. 

What are the benefits of aerial yoga?

- Deepens stretches

- Relieves joint pressure and spinal compression that floor workouts can trigger

- Releases tension, especially in spine, hips, and pelvic floor

- Increases balance and proprioception (body awareness)

- Enhances core strength

- Improves breath awareness

- Easier access to inverted postures

- Releases endorphins.

What is the benefit of using a Pilates Reformer?

A Pilates reformer is a large piece of exercise equipment that looks similar to a padded table or platform with springs, ropes, pulleys and a sliding carriage. They can be made from different materials, including steel or aluminum. The key behind the effectiveness of a reformer is resistance, with springs attached to a moving platform (a.k.a. carriage) on wheels. The springs allow for changes in resistance, and by pushing or pulling with arms or legs you can then initiate movement of the carriage along the frame to get a full-body, strength-building workout.  Because you must move against the spring tension and pulley system, a reformer can also help put your body into better alignment. In this way, the body can re-pattern default movements more efficiently.

What kind of reformer do you teach on?

I have a Balanced Body Allegro 2. My reformer is on legs so it does not sit on the floor. I have a jumpboard, box, pole, ring, balls, and bands that I use during sessions.

What if I live in another country?

I am able to accept clients from all over the world via my online teaching platform.  It features Zoom as the functioning connection. Plus, I am able to record and save your sessions in your own member portal if you prefer!

Do you have an app?

The Jaime Haines Mobile App gives clients the ability to access their courses and workouts with Jaime directly with their smartphone or tablet. They are able to view their course process in realtime, view multiple courses and challenges if enrolled in several at a time, and access their own private workout library from group recordings and personal sessions.


Do you have payment plans?

Payment plans are available for the 8-session and 12-session options with fees applied.

What payment methods do you accept?

The online checkout will lead you to a credit card (or debit card that can be used as credit - no pin) via Stripe, ApplePay, and GooglePay. I do not accept cash or checks.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds offered.  However, if you are truly not able to finish your sessions, you can transfer them to another person.

Do you offer discounts?

I do offer discounts on packaged sessions.  The bigger the package, the bigger the discount.  The 12-pack prepaid is the most economical per session.

What happens if I have to pause my online subscription?

The pause option is available to our members who pay for their subscription using a credit card or Paypal.  Members who have made at least one subscription payment and have not resumed their accounts within the last 30 days are eligible to pause.  You may pause your subscription for up to three months at a time. Please note that when you Pause, it is effective immediately. You can't pause your subscription more than once within a 30-day period. You will not be charged while your account is paused and any paid days that you had remaining before pausing your subscription will be automatically transferred over once you resume your account, moving your normal billing date back.